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I like to share my vivid passion with you.  As you know that Passion is a feeling of intense enthusiasm towards or compelling desire for someone or something. It can range  from eager interest in or admiration for an idea, proposal, or cause; to enthusiastic enjoyment of an interest or activity; to strong attraction, excitement, or emotion towards a person.

I will be talking about Nature, Spirituality and Arts.

I will be a roller coaster ride experience when you go thought my blog.   Share some of my views, opinion, facts and feeling about it. In Nature, Spirituality and Arts   all these topic, I post some of useful content which will be useful to viewers and readers.   I also share some of pictures and video which gives more a reality to views and readers.

My aim of this blog is to make the views and readers to understand the passion is important to once life.  We must develop our own passion. It  be anything it must be vivid from other person, like if one has a passion towards music and musical instrument he/she must develop interest towards it and even you can make it as your profession /career.

Some of passion  is music and singing , music instrument , sports , arts and drawing  dance and other.

If we try our best to find our passion we surely find our passion for it. We must  always be engage in many activates so we come to know what are interest and develop it as passion. Please like and share and encourage me to do more blogs



“If you  don’t love what you do, you won’t do it with much conviction or passion”- Mia


“Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you “
 Oprah Winfrey