Art it’s meaning

Art its meaning

Art it’s Meaning

In here I talk about Art it’s meaning :

Art, also called (to distinguish it from other art forms) visual art, is a visual object or experience consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination. The term art encompasses diverse media such as paintingsculptureprintmakingdrawingdecorative artsphotography, and installation.

It provides to people what artists want to express like joy, happiness, sadness, love, depression, fear, pain, anger, etc. So artists express their expression through various forms of art like painting and drawing, sculpture, craft, etc.

It stimulates the imagination :

Opens the heart and mind to possibilities and fuels the imagination. Art is a process of learning to create ourselves and experience the world in new ways. It supports the bigger view of life: beauty, symbols, spirituality, storytelling, and allows us to be present at the moment. Art keeps the magic alive.

It makes you more observant

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Painting embraces all the ten functions of the eye; that is to say, darkness, light, body and color, shape and location, distance and closeness, motion and rest.”

Creating art helps you learn to “see” by concentrating on detail and paying more attention to your environment.

It enhances problem-solving skills making:

Art teaches that there is more than one solution to the same problem. Art challenges our beliefs and encourages open-ended thinking that creates an environment of creative thinking in problem-solving.

It boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment:

Stick our kids’ artwork on the fridge to boost their self-esteem. Hanging your latest work of art on the wall can instill the same feelings within you.

It reduces stress

 Painting, sculpting, drawing, and photography are relaxing and rewarding hobbies that can lower your stress levels and lead to an overall improvement in well-being. Creating art can take your mind off life’s many stresses, at least momentarily. It clears some headspace and allows one to focus on the good in life.

Art can express the feeling of the artist.

Some of who visit my website will be an artist or have skill in drawing or painting.    In here we discuss some of art forms here. I forced on drawing and painting here it area is my passion.

We will start our journey in my next blog….

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