Furt Dapis BY DR.A.T. THOMAS

Furt Depis

Furt Dapis   BY DR.A.T. THOMAS


FURT DAPIS is develop by A.T. Thomas was a great mathematics ,businessman and a professor. He was born on 23.8.1954 in USA. During his childhood in his math class his teacher told, “Math is a subject that details with number symbols and formula for problems there  is solution like that, formula is the solution for the problem &  quot;”

He understood all about math. His excellence in math and physics subject. His ambitious or aim to be an engineer in face because of interest in the area of math. He put aside his aim to be engineer.

In his college days, his professor told to him that “you will be professor and you are capable for finding new formula”. He took his doctorate degree in math Finding the formula for solving the problem which answers two or more number or two answers. For one problem so he did s trick that made all the answer one he found the method of changing two into one answer that named FURT DEPIS -Mean changing two answers into one answer by simple method using  mathematics formula i.e. Addition subtraction multiplication and division.

Thanking for new theory



Many author and excellence did not except this there because they thought that it gives to answers and to may vary with people proceed finding the answer or no chance for two answers.

Another author named Dr. JOHN MATHTEWS replied that formula or mathematic

Formula like i.e. Addition subtraction multiplication and division will give negative

Answer or wrong answer

Another author DR. KRISHNA Indian professor the answer may vary with different people that different people minds may work different

Another author J.MUTHY SWAMI Indian professor said that this theory is not expects by all authors and excellence only one reason in math will be only oneAnswer but in this theory there are two answers. Why?



Two answer will be obtain only while during the procedure or steps the final answer will not be two answer this is team of this theory it automatically change t wo answer in one answer without knowing while I try to solve this theory in stage

It and2th you get two answer but 3th state only one answer


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