Krishna and Yuddhava Gita

krishna and yuddhava

After reading Mahabharata, our mind is filled with questions about Krishna and Yuddhava…


Krishna and the Yuddhava Gita. This blog will be about a video I recently watched on YouTube.  You’re watching a video entitled “Why Krishna did not help Pandav and Draupadi against Duryodhan before disrobing”

The video shows Lord Krishna and Yuddhava.communicating. Yuddhava was Krishna’s cousin. His childhood was spent riding in Krishna’s chariot and serving him in various ways.Krishna never granted him a wish or a boon.  Krishna was about to complete his avatar.

He was the only person who did not ask Krishna for a boon. He asked Krishna to grant him any wish or boon he desired. Krishna in this avatar grants many wishes and boons to people.  Krishna can complete his avatar in this way and also complete yuddhava.

Lord Krishna and Yuddhava’s first speech

Even though he did not ask for boons or wishes for himself, he had observed Krishna since he was a child. There was a discrepancy between Krishna’s teachings and his actions, and he wanted to know why.

“You teach us one way to live, but you live another,” he tells Krishna Mahabharat was a drama in which you played a significant role. Lord Krishna’s actions, however, puzzled him, and he wanted to know why. He wanted to know what they meant. The Lord said that what I told Arjuna during the Kurukshetra war was the Bhagavad Gita, and what Krishna answered Yuddhava was the Yuddhava Gita. That is why Krishna gave him the opportunity to ask without hesitation.

The second part of Lord Krishna and Yuddhava’s speech

Krishna asked him his first question. I want to know what a real friend is. Krishna says that a true friend is one who comes to help his friends without being asked.. According to Yuddhava, Krishna is a dear friend to pandavas, who trust him completely as Apadhabhandava.

Yuddhava said that Lord Krishna knows what is happening and what is going to happen. You’ve just described a true friend. Why did you not stop Dhamaraj (Yudhishtra) from playing the game of gambling? By turning luck in Dharmaraj’s favor, you ensured Dharma’s victory. Why didn’t you do so?

By stopping the game, you could have saved Dharmaraj after he lost his wealth, country, and himself. The punishment could have been avoided. If you had entered the hall when his brother was betting, you could have prevented the punishment. Is it possible to call Apadhabhandava in a crisis? Draupadi nearly lost her modesty when you intervened, and now you claim to have given her clothes. What modesty remains for a woman once she has been disrobed in front of so many people and dragged into the hall by a man?  What have you saved?

Lord Krishna and Yuddhava’s third speech

Krishna replied that the only law of the universe pertains to whoever is viveka (intelligent and determined).

When Dharmaraj lacked viveka. Since the duryodhana did not know how to play, he turned to his uncle Shakuni instead of Viveka. However, Dharmaraj made another mistake. When Dharmaraj asked Krishna not to enter the hall, he made another mistake

Even Draupadi didn’t call me when Dushasan grabbed her hair and yanked her to fulfill his brother’s order. Even she was arguing on the basis of her ability in the hall. All of this was happening outside the hall, so I was waiting for the opportunity to help.Even Dharamaraj’s fate was in his hands.

Despite the presence of Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula and Sahadeva, they cursed Dureshhana and brooded over their fate, but they didn’t call me. Eventually, when Dushasan started disrobing her, she screamed Hari Hari Abhayam Krishna Abhayam and cried out for me, and only then did I have the opportunity to help her.

Yuddhava only asks you to come when he calls. According to Sri Krishna, everyone in this life follows their karma. In Sri Krishna’s case, he didn’t intervene or run it. Having been there to witness it, standing nearby, and seeing what happiness only the dharma of God can bring. YUDDHAVA said, “Let sin and evil grow”. As Krishna said, people cannot do any good or evil without my knowledge. The only way they get into trouble is if they think they can do things without my knowledge.

I am concluding

After reading Mahabharata, the long-standing doubts and questions of the readers were finally cleared up. We must realize that we cannot do anything good or bad without the presence of God.

You are being watched by God as you do your work. Before taking any action, you should pray to Him.  Recognize and take advantage of the opportunities that God gives you

I will upload a video to my video section for your reference

Yada-yada hi dharmasya

Glanir bhavati bharata

Abhyutthanam adharmasya

Tadatmanam srjamy aham…

Paritranaya sadhunam

Vinasaya ca duskritam


Sambhavami yuge-yuge…

Whenever, O Bharat, righteousness (dharma) declines

and unrighteousness is rampant,

I manifest myself.

I manifest myself from age to age to defend the pious,

destroy the wicked, and strengthen dharma

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