Individuals’role in the conservation of natural resources.

natural resources conservation

Individuals’ role in conservation of  natural resources.

How individuals can contribute to the conservation of natural resources.

Every individual has a responsibility to conserve natural resources. Considering that the environment belongs to all of us, we are all responsible for preserving it. From our point of view, we must conserve it to ensure it will be available for future generations, otherwise, those generations will be in greater trouble than we currently are. Together, let’s conserve natural resources.

Energy conservation

When not in use, turn off the lights, fans, and water heater.
We must obtain the heat from natural resources as far as possible.
We can walk or cycle a short distance, build our houses with enough ventilation, and plant trees around our houses to get a cool breeze.
You should use a solar cooker, a solar heater, and dry wet clothes in the sun instead of the dryer.

Water conservation

Bathing in a water-saving shower helps conserve water.
It is important to repair leaky pipes and taps.
Avoid playing with water unnecessary.
Be sure to turn off the taps after using them and while shaving and brushing your teeth.
And so on

Promoting sustainable agriculture

Utilize organic fertilizers and combine cultivation with pest control.
Eat as much food as you can, don’t waste it.

We should reduce pesticide use, use drip irrigation, and consume local and seasonal vegetables.

Saving trees

We must write both sides of the paper.
Only cloth towels should be used instead of paper towels.
As much as possible, avoid paper plates and paper decorations at a function.
Invites to a function were sent via email and mobile phone instead of greeting cards.

Soil conservation

When we build a house, we should avoid uprooting trees as much as possible.
Using organic fertilizer is better than using chemicals for fertilizer and pesticides.
Doing mixed cropping is good for soil conservation.
Grass must be planted in the open areas in order to prevent soil erosion and to bind the soil.
Sprinkler irrigation is necessary for watering kitchen gardens.

Save biodiversity

Discourage poaching.
Create awareness
Therefore, we should adopt vegetarianism so that animals are not slaughtered for meat and more plants are cultivated for food.
Planting more trees and not destroying animals’ habitats

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