Folk Art of India

Folk Art of India

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Folk Art of India

The practice of Indian folk art dates back many years and continues today. This heritage includes art, architecture, classical dance, and music. As a form of heritage, I will discuss the folk art of India. Indian folk art reflects a pure Aryan culture. Religions and sects have coexisted in the country throughout its history.  Folk art exhibits the influence of religion India practices traditional arts and crafts according to its religious beliefs. Its values remain the same from generation to generation. In Indian folk art, there is a wide range of mythological tales and values. I wonder how it could be more beautiful. Let’s look at some types of Indian folk art.


One of the most popular forms of art around the world is floor decoration. Additionally, this can be found in all parts of India in different forms, such as Alapana, Rangoli Kolam Sanjhi, etc.

Kolam is the most important part of the cultural-religious festival of south India. Pongal and other festivals involve performing rituals on the floor in front of the deity’s altar.

This is the good fortune charm. Feeding ants rice powder symbolizes caring for all living things. 


Phulkari embroidery is a technique that Punjabi women use to embellish small and large pieces of cloth. From this fabric, called chadar, one can make covers, garments, bedspreads, etc.

Stitching over the darning stitches floss or silk threads. The enlisted work of Phulkari utilizes traditional geometrical shapes. 


Kantha embroidery and quilting are wonderful forms of folk art in Bengal. It is usually made with sarees and dhotis.

The stitching makes them thick. All classes of women in Bengal make Kanthas, but older women make them most often.

Kanthas are made from old saree borders stitched along the edge and adorned with quilts, wedding mats, bags, jewelry, and mirror covers that are all quilted and embroidered.

Below I have provided a link about folk art, or you can search for it on Google.

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