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Today’s urban environment (skyscrapers, parking lots, road networks, etc.) dominates most of the country. Building Residents Have Access To An Important Potential Source Of Outdoor Space In Such A Crowded Environment, The Roof And Terrace Of The Building. This study looks at the needs, aims, requirements, and usage of patio gardeners.
The project involved capturing real-time data



As a result of rapid urbanization, plants, birds, and animals are losing their natural habitats. Building construction and human activity have impacted the environment. Building dwellings on ponds, lakes, and forests has destroyed habitats for plants and birds.

Urbanization is also depleting natural resources. Due to the proliferation of skyscrapers, residents lose sight of nature and terraced gardens become increasingly important. A Terraced Garden Restores The Lost Connection Between People And Nature, but in a Subtle Way.  

 Construction has cut down trees, affecting the climate. A business’s contribution to pollution of the air, water, and soil harms the environment. The result is the loss of ozone. Pesticides and fertilizers can harm human health. Many people nowadays eat organic food at home or on their patios/roofs.    


 It Isn’t Necessary To Create A Garden On The Ground. The Roof Garden Is A Fantastic Alternative To The Ground Floor’s Beautiful Natural-Looking Area. You Can Turn A Flat Roof Into A Green Roof Garden With A Little Imagination And Fantasy

Living gardens can be grown on roofs in many large cities. Unlike the natural gardens in the basement, it’s built on top of man-made structures. The roof garden is a type of urban agriculture or horticulture that is unique to cities.

  In densely populated urban areas, the grass is always available, even though it is constantly exposed to sunlight and rain. No matter the weather or the season, I visit the Roof Garden. Organic farms can produce healthy vegetables and fruits, too.    

Environmental protection is a long-term necessity for us and, therefore, we believe that it is crucial to protect plants. Consequently, it is important to protect the environment and grow plants at the same time. ..


  • We will be able to analyze what terrace /Roof Gardening is, what it requires, and how to use it in this lesson.
  • We Can Begin To Appreciate How Valuable Terrace Gardening Is.
  • Different people’s experiences can help us discover new ways to develop vegetation.
  • It Allows Us To Appreciate The Benefits Of Terrace Gardening
  • It Allows Us To Look At Terrace Gardening From An Architectural Perspective Because Of Its Construction, Effect On Buildings, And Factors Concerned With Terrace Gardening.
  • Allows us to do case studies and analyses.
  • This Allows For A Enjoyable Terrace Gardening Experience.
  • To preserve the environment, achieve sustainable living, reduce carbon footprints, and have access to safe and nutritious food.


In a house with limited garden space, a terraced garden is one created on a terrace, roof, or patio.

Terraced Gardens are divided into three categories.d gardens.

Creating Rooftops Outside apartment buildings, there are verandas, window sills, porches, balconies, and other similar heights above ground level.

At the level of the podium, around the floor, or on the roof of a large cellar

Horticulture, Floriculture, or both can be found in a garden.

Incorporating vegetation/greenery into urban structures can help reduce harmful effects such as the urban heat island effect, pollution, and global warming

Green Roof – Green Roof – “Terrace Garden” Greens Urban Areas While Also Providing Thermal Benefits And Energy Savings To The Client. A Terraced Garden Is Required To Insulate A Building And Conserve Energy


  • The main advantage is that it helps to maintain the ecosystem.
  • We Provide Organic Vegetables And Fruits That Are Safe And Fresh.
  • The Amount Of Oxygen In The Air Is Increased.
  • Reduces the amount of heat that buildings absorb.
  • It provides a habitat and food source for city-weary birds and butterflies.
  • Ensure that you get regular exercise and live in a healthy environment.
  • Low-maintenance and long-lasting.
  • there is no need for irrigation or sophisticated drainage systems.
  • Relatively low-cost.
  • It looks more natural. It creates a bond between plants and people.


Roof Gardens were present in some homes.oof gardens.

Respondents had been contacted and surveys had been completed without delay.


Why Do They Begin?

How Did It All Begin?

What are the sources that they use? ey use?

How Are They Obtaining/Locating Sources?

What Are Their Possibilities for Getting Time? ey may be getting time?

Is it a group or a single person?

What Challenges Did They Face?

Then we took care of the data.

Then we sorted the information


PlaceNo of PersonsType of garden
Home4Horticulture & Floriculture
Apartment18Horticulture & Floriculture
Apartment36Horticulture & Floriculture


  • Some began as a pastime, while others began as a pastime. The resources used included pots, dirt, seeds, gardening tools, and other items.
  • Agricultural assistance in the acquisition of seeds, tools, and valuable advice.
  • We observed the team’s efforts whether at home or at work.
  • People’s Interest In Horticulture And Active Participation.


  • fresh air.
  • Happy spending time in the garden Get organic vegetables + fresh flowers.
  • Reduce heat inside the housework sharing.
  • In many cases, irrigation and special drainage systems are not necessary.
  • They are relatively inexpensive.


Here we recommend following

  • Terrace Gardening to maximize your home, building, and apartment.
  • Teach people how to garden on the terrace.
  • We would appreciate any help you can provide to those interested in terrace landscaping.
  • People from respected areas can work together on the landscaped terrace.
  • Details of vegetable, flower, and fruit plants suitable for the local climate.
  • Conducting campaigns in social circles Conducting campaigns at schools & other educational institutions


The world today faces environmental risks due to human activities that adversely affect the environment, humans, and other living things.

For the construction of roads, factories, and housing, overpopulation has destroyed forests, ponds, and lakes. An ecological imbalance has resulted.

There is a significant amount of pollution in urban areas, and noise deteriorates air quality and causes health and environmental problems.

The Rooftop Garden is a great way to turn your cityscape into an oasis. For residences that do not have a backyard or have limited space, a rooftop garden can be a solution and a way to grow plants and vegetables or provide a place to relax to support a sustainable lifestyle.

As well as serving as a decorative addition, the rooftop garden regulates temperature, helps conserve energy, provides recreational opportunities, and provides a habitat for insects, bees, and birds.  

Terrance farming

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