Wayanad best place to visit

Wayanad is the best place for refreshment and exploring nature.

Wayanad is the best place for refreshment and exploring nature. 

Wayanad best place to visit


Wayanad best place to visit. Wayanad, the green paradise is nestled among the mountains of Western ghats forming the green border of Kerala. It has wonderful places to visit – Wildlife Sanctuary, Ambukuthi Hills to the south, tea and pepper plantation, Edakkal Caves containing ancient petroglyphs.  

 During the 18th century, Wayanad was ruled by Pazhassi Rajah of the Kottayam royal dynasty.   He lived here during his exile in the fight against the British. There were many important historical events that took place in Wayanad.  let go into travelog Wayand best place to visit

How did the idea for Wayanad trip came  Preparation for the trip 

The trip to Wayanad rose in one of our family friend’s minds during a family get-together.   When to go & how to go, everything planned very fast.   It was a 4 days tour to Wayanad. 

Preparation for the trip & set off …

  All of us started preparing for the trip after that day.  Everyone organized a tempo traveler with necessary items.  We started our journey on May 10th, 2015 night.   We were three families, a total of 11 people.   Everybody was very thrilled.   We started at around 8 O’clock.    On the way, we had dinner at a hotel.  Since it was a night journey, we took our turns, to give company to the driver to keep him awake.

Visiting Ooty on the way to Wayand. 

 We reached Salem in the morning around 7:00 am.  Here we stopped at a hotel to refresh and had breakfast.  All of us continued our journey further. 

 According to my father’s idea, we took the route through Ooty.  The plan was to see Ooty also.   Climate was good.   On the way, we saw tea plantations.  The long view of  Ooty was mesmerizing.  

 One side it is deep down,  and the otherside high places.  Our driver was a very skilled person.    We bought homemade chocolates.  Local people were selling fresh carrots on the sides of the road, and we even saw some people selling raw honey.  

While climbing the hairpin turns, my mother had motion sickness and some friends had it too.  At Nilambur, we had to stop to take a Permit pass for the vehicle, because we had not taken that from Chennai.     Seeing my mom’s condition, one nearby family gave her some hot rice porridge.   We took a rest for a while, then continued our journey.  

On reaching Wayanad 

 We reached the resort by evening 5 pm.   Our actual plan was to reach Waynad by noon.    But due to breaks in between the journey,   we were delayed.   Everybody was exhausted by the time we reached.   

 All of us got freshened up and had our lunch.   Some of us took a little nap.  Since it was late, we did not go outside.   After dinner, we spend some quality time together.  

We went to sleep early because everyone was tired of the long journey.  In the morning we got up early.  

 I just can’t explain the beautiful view of mountains covered with mist.    One should go there to feel it.    At a long distance, we could see the small waterfalls from the mountains.  It was very cold weather. We took some photographs. 

Sightseeing to Ribbon tea Plantation on Day 1 

We started sightseeing after breakfast.   First, we went to the Ribbon tea plantation. The officer of the Ribbon tea plantation took us to the plantation and explained about it.  It was an amazing experience for everyone to learn about it.,  After that, the officer had given each family a packet of tea powder.  We thanked him for his hospitality.

Sightseeing   to Soochipara waterfalls  on Day 1 part 2 

After lunch, we went to Soochipara waterfalls.  There we had a great time and also took photos.   We came back to the resort by 9.00 pm.   

Shopping at Sultan Bathery  on Day 2 

Next day, by noon we went to Sultan bathery where we did some shopping. There were many small shops that sold food items, home decoration antique pieces made out of eco-friendly materials,  and a variety of spices shops.  My father bought some plants and seeds for his Terrance garden.  After we had  our lunch, we continued our shopping.  This time we went to dress shops. Where we bought clothes which were made out of khadi material.   We returned to the resort.  

Sightseeing to Banasura Sagar Dam on Day 3 Part 1 

The next day we set off to Banasura sagar dam.  We reached almost at 10:00 am.   Many people were there like us.    There is also a park in the dam area and was a swing among the trees.   Everybody enjoyed the swing very much.   We had a good time there.    By 3 pm we came out, had our lunch then just roamed around.    Since everybody was feeling tired, we came back to the resort by 5 pm. 

Camp fire of Day 3 part 2

At the resort, we had a campfire because it was our last night in the resort, and the next day we had to leave.   All of us spend the night singing & playing.    We left the resort the next day after breakfast.  

Sightseeing to Wildlife Sanctuary and  Setoff to home  last day 

Our idea was to visit a wildlife sanctuary on the way back.   Unfortunately,   that day it was closed for some maintenance work.   So we decided to set off home.   On our return journey, everybody was talking about the trip & also started planning for the next trip.     Everyone had great memories of that journey.  We finally reach home late at night 

Conclusion “Wayand best place to visit”

I hope you guys…  have enjoyed reading this travelog”Wayand best place to visit”If you are planning to go on a trip to the hill station then  Wayanad will be a better place for your trip. You can browse to know more about places to visit in wayanad.  Thank you for reading this travelog. Write your suggestions in the comment box below. 

Hope guy… i see you in the next blog till then read another blog why does God let us suffer in life?terrace farming. see you again bye.  If you did not finish reading blog , read Wayanad best place to visit above

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